Business Package Insurance

Please be aware that the definitions shown below are brief and do not thoroughly assess the detail which will be required to make an informed decision on your insurance needs.

Finsura has a team of commercial insurance brokers ready to design a business insurance package tailored to your business needs. Here a few of the common covers taken out under a business insurance package.

Property Insurance

Insure your buildings, contents and removal of debris from: Fire & Perils such as storm, water damage, malicious damage, burst pipe, earthquake, cyclone.

Business Interruption

Insure your income in the event of your business not being able operate due to one of the causes listed under the property section. Most medical establishments rely heavily on their location. If you premises burnt down moving to a new location could not be a viable option. This cover will insure you for loss off income whilst your establishment is rebuilt.


Covers theft of equipment and stock at the premises.


Covers cash stolen from the premises in or out of a safe, whilst in transit or at a residence.


Replacement Value Cover for Glass at the Premises

Public Liability

Personal Injury or Property Damage to 3rd parties as a result of an incident caused by your business. (excludes Medical Malpractice)

Equipment Breakdown

Covers the cost of breakdown to your expensive electronic equipment including computers, medical equipment and office equipment.

Machinery Breakdown

Cover the breakdown to your machinery items including air conditioning, medication cool rooms or motorized medical equipment.

Tax Audit

Covers the cost of accounting expenses as a result of a Tax Audit

General Property

Covers equipment for accidental damage loss or theft Australia wide. Could include Laptops, Phones or Medical Equipment.

Please refer to your PDS for full details on coverage, conditions and exclusions.

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