Please note that our offices will be closing over the Christmas period on all public holidays and will have limited staff on normal business days till January 8th 2018. For instructions on what to do if you have an urgent claims during this period, please see below.

To lodge a claim during this period, you will need to follow the below procedure:

  1. Contact your insurance company directly. Please note your insurance company details will be noted on your insurance policy paperwork provided by our office. To assist, we have provided a list of contact numbers below.

  1. When you contact your insurance company, you will need to have the following information ready:

    • Policy Number

    • Name on the policy

    • Location Address

  1. Once the claim has been lodged with your insurer, you will be provided with a claim number. Please keep record of this claim number as you will be required to use this as a reference throughout your claim.

  1. Should you need to carry out any emergency make safe repairs to your property, please contact one of the builders below who will be able to assist. Emergency make safe repairs may be carried out during an emergency to secure your property and to prevent further damage occurring. If you have lodged a claim prior to organising any make safe repairs, please provide the claim number to the builder and also advise the builder that you are a client of Finsura Insurance Brokers.

The builders will request the following information from you to start the process:

  • Policy Number

  • Your insurance company’s name

  • Claim Number (if known)

  • Your location address

  • Brief Description of the damage to enable them to allocate the appropriate person to assist with your claim


Emergency Make Safe Repairs Builders:

Abril Building Solutions: 1300 556 641

Riverwall Constructions: 1300 851 509


Restorations Companies:

Abril Restorations: 1300 556 641

Riverwall Restorations: 1300 851 509


Insurance Company Contact Details

Allianz Insurance 1300 858 649

CGU Insurance 1300 657 119

Global Transport Insurance 9966 8820

QBE Insurance 1800 023 387

Pen Underwriting – 02) 9323 5000

SURA – 9930 9500

Vero Insurance 1300 88 073

Zurich Insurance 1800 611 372