How would your business cope with a cyber-attack, or a liability claim against a manager?

Business Liabilities

Business is filled with risks, most of which can be successfully mitigated. However if things do go wrong, company owners, board members, officers or employees could be held accountable. Having the right insurance in place is crucial to protect the people in the business from bankruptcy, and from going out of business.

Finsura can assist organisations navigate the complexities of all types of liability. Have you considered these types of liability? Finsura can help you choose the right liability cover for your business.

  • Public liability insurance:
  • Product liability insurance:
  • Association Liability Insurance
  • Event Cancellation insurance
  • Corporate Travel Insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance:
  • Cyber insurance:
  • Defamation Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Information Technology Insurance
  • Management liability:
  • Product Recall Insurance
  • Journey Insurance
  • Voluntary Workers Insurance
  • Directors and officers insurance:
  • Trade credit insurance

Why get Liability insurance with us?

Getting the right types of liability insurance is the tricky part. There are many different varieties, so it’s important to work with an experienced broker. Working with a broker also helps in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim. Risk advisers can streamline the process and help structure your claim to maximise its chance of success.

We can help your organisation get the right cover, at the right price across a number of areas

Why choose Finsura?

As your insurance broker we understand the fine print, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. To get the right coverage, talk to our experts in business insurance. Finsura can help you:

  • find the best insurance cover for your needs
  • review cover from the broadest range of insurers
  • manage insurance claims for a better chance of success

Contact us today to find our more. Call us on 1800 252 712 to speak to an adviser or request a quote online.