Trade Credit Insurance

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If you’re a business that sells goods and services on credit terms, a substantial percentage of your working capital is probably tied up as accounts receivable. This exposure is a risk to your balance sheet and is worth insuring just like any other asset.

It is probably more likely you will incur a credit default this year than a burglary or fire. Why aren’t you insuring this asset like you do these other assets?

With Trade Credit insurance, you can protect your accounts receivable from losses due to credit risks such as insolvency or protracted default.

Trade Credit policies start from as low as $5,000.

Finsura uses leading global trade credit Insurers including:


Finsura Corporate Advantage

Local Broking, Claims and Risk Engineering. What does this mean for you?

The Finsura Corporate team manages broking the risk, risk management, enquiries and claims. This means that you receive personal and knowledgeable service on each account. Each team member has, on average, fifteen years experience in servicing Australia’s largest and most diverse industries. We understand that getting the right program is vital to your firms stability and success.

From the first call, the team will proactively work with you to understand the business exposures, research the client’s business and deliver a customised insurance and risk management program.

In the event of a claim, the claims officer is fully responsible for the claim from start to finish. If a loss occurs our claims officer will arrange the appropriate meetings (including site visits if required) to ensure the process is active and to help mitigate any further risks.

Target Risks

Finsura Corporate can help any company exposed to business-to-business credit risk, through the sale of goods and services on open account credit terms. The product is suitable for companies of all sizes from the largest multinationals and corporates to start up SMEs. Organisations that export and / or avail themselves of trade finance facilities offered by banks are particularly likely to benefit. For example:

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Suppliers to the Building Industry
  • Construction Companies

We can help you get the right cover, at the right price across a number of areas

Why choose Finsura?

As your insurance broker we understand the fine print, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. To get the right coverage, talk to our experts in business insurance. Finsura can help you:

  • find the best insurance cover for your needs
  • review cover from the broadest range of insurers
  • manage insurance claims for a better chance of success

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