Personal Insurance

Have you protected your most important assets?

Personal insurance

Choosing personal insurance can seem easy, and many people choose their cover based on price.

But choosing the right policy for your individual needs takes a little more thought than simply considering price. When the worst happens you need to know you and your family, home, vehicle and other personal investments have been covered. Working with a risk adviser can help you get access to a better range of coverage with more affordable premiums.

Here are key areas of insurance you should consider to make sure you’re getting the right coverage for your circumstances.

  • Home: Whether it’s your home or an investment, your property is likely to be your one of your most valuable assets, so it makes sense to protect it. Navigating the complexities of residential home and property insurance can seem daunting, but we’re here to help. Speak to us today about getting the right building, home, landlords or renters cover. More
  • Vehicle: Car and motor vehicle accidents are becoming more frequent as the population grows and the number of vehicles on our roads increase. In fact, Australia ranks 20th in the world for the number of road fatalities per capita. When the worst happens and your vehicle, caravan or boat have been in an accident, damaged, or stolen, you need to know you’re covered. Working with an insurance broker can help you get access to a better range of coverage.
  • Travel: Did you know that nearly a quarter of all travelers experienced a loss on their most recent overseas trip that would have been covered by most travel insurance policies]? But too many people don’t know what they’re covered for. From cancelled flights to getting sick or injured while you’re away, Finsura can take the stress out of travel mishaps.
  • Life and Financial Planning: Life insurance is more than just cover for death and disability. It’s about keeping families in their homes, employees in their jobs, and companies strong and resilient through even the toughest economic times.

Speak to us today about how we can help match you with the best cover for your situation.

How Finsura can help

To get the right coverage, you talk to our experts in personal insurance. Finsura can help you:

  • Find the best insurance cover for your personal needs.
  • Review cover from the broadest range of insurers.

We know that making a claim can be time consuming and stressful. Let us handle this process for you ensure your claim is settled speedily and effectively.

We can help you get the right cover, at the right price across a number of areas

How can we help you with your business insurance needs?

As your risk adviser, we understand the fine print, so you’ll know exactly what you’re signing up for. To get the right coverage, you talk to our experts in personal insurance. Finsura can help you:

  • find the best insurance cover for your needs
  • review cover from the broadest range of insurers

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